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Sector: Residential
Project: Albany Park Square

Location: Kingston, Surrey
Client: London Realty Ltd
Consultants: Orbit Architects

Landscape Perspective was appointed by London Realty to assist in the planning application for 48 apartments and 6 substantial villa houses on the site of a former petrol station in Kingston, working together with Orbit Architects. Using the site levels to our advantage the car parking was pushed underground, requiring the communal and private amenity spaces for the apartments to be created on a podium deck.

The design concept for the communal gardens was very simple, formal and symmetrical, with linear water features, raised planters, pergolas and tree planting providing interest. Private gardens for the villas remained at grade, retaining existing trees. Planning permission was granted in 2007 and the scheme has been built in part by Bewley Homes Plc.

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